ASELL Schools


HQ is situated at The University of Sydney, managing ASELL Schools. ASELL Schools is run by the project lead Associate Professor Manjula Sharma, and Senior Project Officers Dr Vicky Tzioumis and Tom Gordon. HQ, in collaboration with Charles Darwin University, runs workshops in the Northern Territory. 
The ASELL Schools New South Wales Node is situated at the University of Sydney and is led by Dr Louise Sutherland from the Faculty of Education and Social Work.
The ASELL Schools Regional Node is situated at the University of New England and is led by Professor Neill Taylor, Dr Chris Fellows and Katherine Harris from the School of Science and Technology.
South Australia:
The ASELL Schools South Australia Node is situated at the University of Adelaide and is led by Dr Andrew Mackinnon from the School of Physical Sciences.
The ASELL Schools Victoria Node is situated at Deakin University and is led by Associate Professor Kieran Lim from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences.
Western Australia:
The ASELL Schools Western Australia Node is situated at Curtin University and is led by Professor Mark Buntine from the Department of Chemistry.