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Posted on Feb 11 2013 by Richard N. Tarrant, Richard J. Thompson

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Experiment Overview

This experiment serves as the sole exposure to optics for physics students in first year. There are different versions of this experiment for the three first year streams – Fundamentals, Regular and Advanced.

This is the version used for Fundamentals students, who have not studied physics in year 12, or those who have obtained poor results (<65) in year 12 secondary school physics.

There are no optics lectures in first year physics, and there is no assessment in optics other than the checkpoints for completing the experiment as part of their laboratory mark (Lab. is 20 % of their semester mark).

The students explore the imaging behaviour of a single lens, are introduced to ray tracing and the lens equation, and explore the construction of a simple two-lens system (a telescope) using lenses mounted on an optical rail.

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