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Introduction to the Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO)

Posted on Jan 19 2011 by Richard N. Tarrant

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Tags: asell physics, classical physics

Experiment Overview

This experiment serves as an introduction to the Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), which is the modern version of cathode ray oscilloscopes (CRO). DSOs are standard instruments in any physics lab, and familiarity with it is an essential part of a physicist’s training. The experiment introduces the students to the DSO through careful explanations of its various features, technical details and functions, before two simple tasks are given to the students to allow them to interact with the DSO and use it to make simple measurements and calculations, which require that the students have reached a certain level of understanding of the instrument.

The second of the two tasks has the subsidiary aims of teaching the students some basic circuit theory (measuring current and voltage, capacitors, RC circuits) as well as the concept of exponential decay and its application to RC circuits.
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