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2009 ASELL Chemistry Workshop - Sydney

The next ASELL Chemistry workshop. Details are:

Dates: 6-8 July 2009
Location: School of Chemistry, University of Sydney
Theme: First Year Chemistry experiments

Universities are invited to send 2-person teams (one academic and one student) to the July 2009 Workshop. This workshop will follow the format of the 2006 ACELL (Chemistry) workshop, with a mixture of discussions and laboratory-based activities. Each team will be expected to showcase a 1st year experiment from its home institution.

Teams will need to send documentation describing the experiment:

  1. technical notes for laboratory staff
  2. notes for the students doing the experimental exercise
  3. notes for demonstrators, teaching the experiment
  4. information about the intended teaching-and-learning objectives of the experiment will also be required in the form of sections 1 and 2 of the ASELL/ACELL educational template.


The cost of the workshop is AUD$1210 (AUD$1100 plus GST) per team, including registration, food and accommodation. Information about the workshop is available below.

The Workshop will begin early afternoon Monday 6 July, which will permit travel on Monday morning. The Workshop will conclude with the Workshop Dinner Wednesday 8 July. As agreed by the Associate Deans , the workshop fee will include accommodation for teams from outside Sydney, Monday evening 6 July to Thursday morning 9 July.

For further information, please email Kieran Lim

or watch this site for news.

Page updated on Saturday 4 July 2009.

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    This documents lists all the delaegates who participated in the 2009 ASELL Chemistry Workshop held at the University of 'Sydney in July 2009.

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  2. 2009 ASELL Chemistry Workshop Schedule

    Schedule of workshop activities and events Includes map of campus and where the accommodation and workshop events are

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  3. 2009 ASELL Chemistry Workshop Welcome

    Welcome to the Workshop

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  4. 2009 ASELL registration form

    Registration form for 2009 ASELL workshop

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  5. A call for nominations to attend July 2009 workshop

    Letter to Associate Deans announcing the  2009 workshop (6-8 July 2009) and calling for nominations of 2-person teams ('one academic and one student) to attend and showcase one 1st year experiment per team.

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  6. ACELL Educational Template,v1

    This is the blank Educational Template that was used by delegates for the February 2006 Workshop.

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  7. Credit Card Payment Form (ASELL 2009)

    Attendees can pay for registration by credit card

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  8. Guidelines for ACELL Educational Template

    This is the guidelines document that was provided to delegates preparing for the ACELL workshop in February 2006. It offers instructions on how to complete the template.

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