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Ester Hydrolysis and Acid Identification

Posted on Mar 15 2011 by Tara Pukala

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Tags: asell chemistry, organic chemistry

Experiment Overview

In this experiment students are required to identify an unknown ester by hydrolysing it to the corresponding acid, which is in turn identified by its melting point. The experiment involves a number of basic synthetic organic chemistry techniques, including performing a reaction (ester hydrolysis) under reflux, reaction work-up and product purification (recrystallisation), and identification of an unknown compound.

Students are required to complete a pre-lab exercise which contains questions on OHS issues related to the experiment, with the necessary information found within the supplied chemical information sheets. Students are also required to complete a laboratory report book to enhance skills in scientific observation, note-taking and reporting. The experiment requires no special equipment beyond that which would normally be found in a typical undergraduate teaching laboratory.

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