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Chemical Reactions: Observing chemical changes

Posted on Feb 08 2013 by Tamsin Kelly, Dijana Townsend

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Experiment Overview

This experiment is designed for students who may have no chemistry background at all, as their very first general chemistry laboratory experience (Semester 1). Previously we had commenced the laboratory program with emission spectroscopy based experiments which was quite theoretical and some students found the experience quite overwhelming. The purpose of this experiment was to ease the students into the laboratory program by introducing them to the concept that chemicals can undergo changes which we can observe in various different ways. We can represent the chemical changes that are occurring by writing a chemical reaction in the form reactants à products. The three types of chemical reactions observed in this experiment are:


1)      deposition of metals based on metal reactivity

2)      formation of a gas

3)      precipitation reactions

The students also have the opportunity to become familiar with working in the laboratory environment.

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