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Benign Synthesis of Tri-substituted Pyridines

Posted on Apr 14 2006 by Tania van den Ancker

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Experiment Overview

The laboratory exposes students to some of ‘the principles of Green chemistry’. The laboratory exercise involves the synthesis of tri-substituted pyridines via solventless Aldol and Michael addition reactions and subsequent cyclisation in acetic acid. The products of the Aldol condensation, Michael addition and cyclisation are analysed by TLC, IR (and NMR) spectroscopy to confirm reaction completion and purity of products.  The synthesis of 4,6-diphenyl[2,2']bipyridine by this method is shown below:

Formation of 4,6-diphenyl[2,2']bipyridine from the reaction of benzaldehyde, acetophenone, and 2-acetylpyridine

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