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Cells and Tissues

Posted on Apr 29 2013

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Experiment Overview

This practical class is the second general biology practical in the first semester of a Biomedicine undergraduate degree. In the concurrent lecture program students have been introduced to cell structure, macromolecules and the energy processes of cells before undertaking this practical class.

The purpose of this practical is to introduce the concepts important in experimental design as well as reinforce a student’s understanding of cells and their associated processes. It is intended  that students will understand cells as dynamic, living and organised structures.

Students undertake three activities within the 2hour time allocation. The first two require students to set up simple experiments. Activity One proposes a ‘real life’ problem to be solved that requires the students to design a simple experiment to test three unknown solutions. The second activity is a more conventional ‘recipe’ experiment requiring an understanding of the movement of carbohydrate molecules across membranes and the metabolism of these molecules. This activity requires students to observe the change in a pH indicator and from this infer the production of carbon dioxide. The third activity is a simple observation with a comparison between normal and abnormal lung tissue.



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