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The ASELL project is supervised by seven Directors, based at the five Universities around Australia acknowledged at the bottom of each page of the website.  The Directors coordinate the project through the Associate Director.  This team consists of:

Dr Simon Barrie

A/Prof Simon Barrie
Institute for Teaching and Learning
The University of Sydney

Prof. Mark Buntine
Department of Chemistry
Curtin University

Ms Karen Burke Da Silva
School of Biological Sciences
Flinders University

A/Prof. Scott Kable

Prof. Scott Kable
School of Chemistry
The University of Sydney

A/Prof Kieran Lim
School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Deakin University
A/Prof Simon Pyke
School of Chemistry
The University of Sydney

A/Prof Manjula Sharma
School of Physics
The University of Sydney



Dr Alexandra Yeung
ASELL Associate Director
The University of Sydney