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About ASELL Workshops

ASELL workshops are one of the first stages of the ASELL submission and review process - the third party testing stage.

Workshop testing of experiments is generally undertaken by teams consisting of both students and teaching academics from a range of institutions. The submitter of the experiment takes on the role of Demonstrator during this testing. Having completed the experiment (or a representative sample of it, if the experiment is long), delegates complete anonymous surveys covering their experience of the experiment itself and their opinions of the draft Educational Template. The first APCELL workshop took place in 2001, the first ACELL workshop was held in 2006, and the first ASELL workshop ran in 2010. The workshops held to date are shown in the table below:

Experimental Workshop Non-experimental Workshop
February, 2001 (Sydney) – APCELL July, 2000 (Canberra) – APCELL
November, 2002 (Melbourne) – APCELL February, 2002 (Christchurch) – APCELL
February, 2004 (Hobart) – ACELL Chemistry July, 2005 (Sydney) – ACELL Chemistry
February, 2006 (Sydney) – ACELL Chemistry July, 2007 (Auckland) – ACELL Chemistry
January, 2007 (Adelaide) – ACELL Chemistry  
November, 2007 (Sydney) – ACELL Physics  
April, 2008 (Adelaide) – ACELL Biology  
July, 2009 (Sydney) – ACELL Chemistry  
April 2010 (Adelaide) – ASELL Biology,
chemistry and Physics


The aims of the workshop testing phase are thus two-fold: firstly, this testing serves to demonstrate that the experiment is transferable to a new institution, by having it set-up and run away from its home laboratory. This will ensure that the Technical Notes provide sufficient information, and that the Student Notes do allow those unfamiliar with the experiment to complete it successfully. Secondly, this stage of testing provides valuable feedback to submitters on the strengths and weaknesses of the experiment and the Educational Template.