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2007 February Workshop - Adelaide

ACELL will be running a half-day workshop as a satellite activity of the RACI joint Organic and Physical Chemistry Conference 2007, OPC07.  This activity will run on the afternoon of Friday, 2 February 2007 in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Adelaide.

This workshop has two principle aims:

  • to test up to five undergraduate experiments as part of the reviewing process for acceptance of experiments into the ACELL database - more information on the reviewing process is available here; and,'
  • to introduce more people to the ACELL approach to improving student learning in undergraduate laboratories.

In order to achieve these aims, the workshop will include participation by both academic staff and undergraduate students, with the experiment submitters acting as Demonstrators for their experiments.

Their are two possible levels of participation:

  • As the submitter of an experiment - in this case, you will need to submit materials (student notes, educational template, hazard assessment, etc.) associated with an existing undergraduate experiment which you believe effectively enhances student learning.  If necessary, these will include notes for a modified form of the experiment which can be completed in 3 h.  If there are sufficient delegates, this workshop will serve as the third-party testing phase of the ACELL submission process; if there are not, the ACELL management team undertakes to organise for this third-party testing to be completed.  There will be an absolute maximum of five experiments tested.
  • As a regular delegate - in this case, you will participate in the half-day workshop, which will include participating in a discussion of the ACELL approach and completing one of the submitted experiments and providing feedback on it.  All necessary materials will be supplied.

If you are interested in participating as a delegate or submitting an experiment, please contact us and register your interest.  Delegates are NOT required to participate in OPC07.  Experiment submitters are asked to contact us as soon as possible, as technical issues need to be addressed.